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The Ultra x8

Our Ultra X8 Class-3 industry leading heavy-lift drone has a maximum take-off capacity of 40 kilograms.

Using the Ultra X8, Skyhook is able to carry bigger cameras, bigger lenses and bigger gimbals.

The Ultra X8 was created by Skyhook to push the boundaries and elevate the standard of ariel cinematography in the film industry.

Skyhook has expanded the horizons of possibility, by creating a drone that makes previously impossible shots possible.

The Skyhook ultra x8 and the ultra motorcane line of equipment is designed to be compatible. With our Hot-swap technology the entire gimbal and camera assembly can be swapped between the Motocrane and the drone in seconds.

the motocrane


The MotoCrane camera arm allows us to get a huge variety of diverse shots. the arm can be suction-cupped onto any vehicle and the camera can be pointed towards the vehicle to create smooth, cinematic tracking shots that move fluidly with the vehicle.

The gimbal head is Interchangeable with the X8 drone allowing our team to swap between the motocrane and the X8 in seconds - Saving time and money.